In 1971, Feminist activists Dorothy Pitman-Hughes and Gloria Steinem raised their fists in solidarity while they posed for photographer Dan Wynn. The iconic image of women's empowerment and the ongoing struggle for equal rights first ran in Esquire Magazine. More than 45 years later, they recreated the influential image. This time, however, they posed for St Augustine based photographer Daniel Bagan as their formerly stern expressions gave way to wisdom and gentle and triumphant smiles.

Decades after their partnership speaking on intersectional feminism and founding Ms. Magazine and the Women's Action Alliance, their impact has not waned. Steinem and Pitman-Hughes remain an inspiration to activists as they continue to push for racial and gender equality.

THE SMITHSONIAN NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY acquired the new portrait for its collection, validating the historic significance of their black power salute of equal rights for women and minorities.

-October 2017


The Museum of the City of New York's exhibition

"Beyond Sufferage: A Century of New York Women in Politics"

-October 2017-June 2018

Thomas G. Carpenter Library at the University of Northern Florida in Jacksonville, Fl

Permanent Exhibition

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